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Hwy 210—Brainerd to Ironton

Crow Wing County


MnDOT will reconstruct 11 miles of Highway 210 road surface, replace/repair pipes and improve access on Highway 210 from the end of the four-lane in Brainerd to Ironton. Detour begins July 8, 2019. Sign up for email updates.

Current impacts

Prep work June 17-28

Crews will install a temporary mini roundabout with in the existing east Hwy 210/6 intersection in Deerwood, and extend the Hwy 18 bypass lane at the Hwy 6 intersection west of Garrison. The work is in preparation for the upcoming July 8 detour. Motorists will encounter lane closures/shifts, flaggers and heavy moving equipment in these two areas. Once the temporary roundabout is installed, it will be operational through October.

Temp mini roundabout at east Highway 6/210 Deerwood; part of Hwy 210 detour
Detour includes a temporary mini-compact roundabout in Deerwood. Click graphic for PDF

Future impacts

Detour July 8 to October

Hwy 210 will close and detour along Hwy 25 Brainerd, Hwy 18 to Hwy 6 Deerwood and Hwy 6/Hwy 210 to Crosby-Ironton. Detour map, PDF

2019 Hwy 210 Detour Map
Detour includes a temporary mini roundabout in Deerwood. Click map for larger PDF version

Plan for temporary mini roundabout in Deerwood

To improve traffic flow and ease congestion on the detour, MnDOT will install a:

  • Temporary mini roundabout at the east intersection of Hwy 6 and Hwy 210, just north of the railroad tracks, in Deerwood. Watch for trains, and stay off railroad tracks. When a train occurs, traffic on both Hwy 6 and Hwy 210 will come to a complete stop and wait for the train to clear.
  • Temporary traffic signal at the "T" intersection of Hwy 25/Mill Ave and the westbound Hwy 210 access connection to Hwy 25 in Brainerd.
  • Hwy 18 bypass lane at the Hwy 6 intersection near Bay Lake.

Local access

Crow Wing County landfill, all businesses and residences will be maintained and open, but expect some changes and gravel surfaces. The road will be temporarily impassable at some locations to complete underground work, seek nearest alternative route. Work area map for alternate locations, PDF

Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport

Access will always be open to the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport from Hwy 210 Brainerd. Do give yourself extra time.

Work plan

Half-way point Crow Wing County Landfill

The project will be constructed in two segments: first CR 147/Crow Wing County Landfill eastward to Ironton, then CR 147/Crow Wing County Landfill westward to Brainerd.

Information is subject to change

Navigating mini roundabouts

Video: Mini roundabout on Hwy 4 in St. James. Mini-roundabouts