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Hwy 63 and I-90 interchange improvements

North of Stewartville


I-90 detour Aug. 29

I-90 motorists will be detoured Saturday, Aug. 29 from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. as crews pour the Hwy 63 concrete bridge deck over the highway north of Stewartville.

During the I-90 overnight detour, westbound motorists will exit I-90 at Hwy 52 (Exit 218) north to Rochester, Hwy 63 south to I-90 where it rejoins the highway. Eastbound motorists will exit I-90 at High Forest (Exit 205) follow Olmsted County Road 6 east into Stewartville, then north on Hwy 63 to connect again with I-90. A map is linked here.

Hwy 63 detour from I-90

Eastbound I-90 motorists who want to travel north on Hwy 63 are detoured at Exit 205, cross the highway and follow Olmsted County Road 6 west a short distance to Olmsted County Road 8 north. Follow Olmsted 8 to Olmsted County Road 16 east to Hwy 63 near Rochester International Airport. The ramp for eastbound I-90 to southbound Hwy 63 remains open at Exit 209A at Stewartville.

Hwy 63 single lane traffic

Hwy 63 motorists who are northbound are switched over to a single lane in the southbound lanes, traveling adjacent to southbound traffic, which are traveling in the other single lane. This occurs south of the Rochester International Airport to the north side of Stewartville before vehicles return to their usual lanes. This Hwy 63 traffic configuration will remain through Oct. 30. Additional detours will be in place. A map is linked here.

Olmsted County Road 8 and Hwy 30 changes

Motorists using Hwy 30 west of Hwy 63 will encounter changes in access and traffic control at a county road intersection.

Two changes occur for motorists who use Hwy 30:

  1. Stop sign changes at Hwy 30/ Olmsted County Road 8 – the intersection at Hwy 30 and Olmsted County Road 8 are changed. Motorists on Hwy 30 need to stop at a stop sign before turning north or south onto Olmsted 8. Motorists on Olmsted 8 will not have a stop sign.
  2. Hwy 30 detour – the intersection of Hwy 30 west and Hwy 63 is closed and rerouted. Hwy 63 motorists who want to access Hwy 30 west of Hwy 63 will exit at Olmsted County Road 16, (the interchange that serves Rochester International Airport), travel west to Olmsted 8 south to Hwy 30 west.

About this project

I-494 Ramp Closures
Hwy 63 and I-90 Interchange improvements.
Click map for larger version.

Summary of work

MnDOT is scheduled to begin construction at the Interstate-90 and Hwy 63 interchange just north of Stewartville spring of 2020. The 2-year project will address several existing conditions including: intersection safety issues, congestion issues, functionally obsolete bridges, inadequate deceleration, acceleration and merge lanes, and sight issues.

Proposed changes

  • Close Hwy 30 access to Hwy 63 at current location, the new Hwy 30 will follow Olmsted County Rd 8 north to Olmsted County Rd 16 east then to Hwy 63 south
  • Construct extension of 90th St. SE to the east then north to connect to 85th St. SE
  • Construct new westbound I-90 entrance ramp further to the north
  • Construct new loop ramp for westbound I-90 to southbound Hwy 63
  • Construct new ramp for westbound I-90 to northbound Hwy 63
  • Replace Hwy 63 bridges, widened for 3 lanes and shoulders, extended acceleration and merge lane for northbound Hwy 63
  • Lengthen deceleration lane for eastbound I-90 exit to northbound Hwy 63
  • Construct new eastbound I-90 entrance ramp further to the south
  • Close median south of interchange

Traffic impacts

I-494 Ramp Closures
Hwy 63 and I-90 Interchange improvements.
Click map for larger version.
  • Construction is planned for two years, rebuilding one bridge each year
  • Traffic on Hwy 63 will be reduced to one lane each direction and shifted for bridge work
  •  Traffic detours will be utilized when highway ramps are closed during construction
  • A temporary traffic signal will be placed at Schumann Drive on the north end of Stewartville to manage traffic flow
  • I-90 traffic will have occasional overnight detours during bridge demolition and beam placement

Construction stage detour maps