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Capital Program Funding Request Form

Capital Program Funding Request Memo

The process for requesting transportation capital funding outside of the normal programming process (e.g., the STIP development process) and special solicitations (e.g., TED, CIMS) will be as follows:

  1. Requestor will fill download and fill out the Transportation Capital Request Form as completely as possible and email it to Brian Gage at the Office of Transportation System Management (OTSM).
  2. OTSM will add the funding request to the Master List of Funding Requests.
  3. OTSM will review the form and let the requestor know which of the following funding paths will be considered (some requests may take multiple paths, some may just be held for the time being):
    1. District C – Evaluated by District C Engineer or TPIC
    2. Investment Opportunity Plan (IOP) – Evaluated by IOP Review Team
    3. General Engineering Contract (GEC) – Evaluated GEC Program Managers
    4. Special Funding – Evaluated by OTSM & OFM
  4. The funding request will be evaluated based on the specific funding path(s) from Step 3.
    1. OTSM will notify the requestor of a funding decision; and
    2. If funding is approved OTSM/OFM will request project information needed to track the project and then provide funding strings to the requestor; or
    3. The request will be placed on a Master List of Funding Requests and re-evaluated at a later time.

For more information about the Capital Program Funding Request, please contact Brian Gage in the Office of Transportation System Management.