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About the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

The STIP is a federally required public document which lists Minnesota’s four year transportation improvement program.  The STIP includes all state and local transportation projects which are using federal highway and/or federal transit funding along with those state transportation projects which are using 100% state funds. Information contained within the STIP includes the cost, schedule, and funding sources for the identified projects.  The STIP is developed on an annual basis and it is updated throughout the year to reflect significant changes in the program.  In addition to federal highway and transit projects, the STIP includes rail and port projects for informational purposes.   

How it's developed

Minnesota has developed a unique and successful process for selecting projects for inclusion into the STIP. A portion of the federal highway funding is “targeted” to the Area Transportation Partnerships (ATP) for the selection of locally sponsored federally funded projects in the STIP. Another portion of the federal funds are targeted to the eight MnDOT district offices to select projects for the STIP from their respective areas, with the assistance of various specialty offices within MnDOT. The districts are also targeted most of the state funding, which they use to match the federally selected projects and target 100% state funded only projects.  The last portion of federal funding is targeted centrally through a variety of individual processes. All projects selected for inclusion of the STIP have come from either a district or statewide planning process and are consistent with MnDOT’s long-range transportation plan known as the Statewide Multimodal Policy Plan.  Public and stakeholder input into the STIP is provided by the ATPs and MnDOT at various points with the STIP development process.

Changes to the STIP

Once a STIP is approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), major changes to federally funded projects must be approved through a formal amendment process by FHWA/FTA. Lesser changes or the correction of incorrect information in the STIP can be accomplished through the Administrative Modification process which does not require federal approval. FHWA and MnDOT have developed Guidance for STIP Amendments and Administrative Modifications (PDF).

Anticipated system conditions after the STIP is implemented

The Asset Management Outcomes and Needs for STIP Years and Beyond (PDF) report summarizes expected system condition for pavement and bridge assets on the state highway network in the year 2017. This report is intended to give a high-level summary of STIP investments.


Alternative format

To request any MnDOT document in an alternative format, please email ADArequest.dot@state.mn.us.


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