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MnDOT is dedicated to the efficient movement of freight and commodities within Minnesota, including the movement of freight by truck, rail, water, and air. The freight office is engaged in many activities related to both freight planning and operations.

News and Notices

Minnesota Rail Service Improvement Program Grant Funding

Railroad companies, rail users, cities and counties can apply for grant funding to improve freight rail service that supports economic development through the 2021 Minnesota Rail Service Improvement Program (MRSI). Applications are due March 31, 2021.

For questions about the application, contact Peter Dahlberg.

2020 Legislative appropriation for port improvements

Minnesota’s Port Development Assistance Program has $14 million available for this funding cycle. The application filing was open for qualified applicants from November 23, 2020 through December 23, 2020. MnDOT announced awards at the end of January 2021.

Minnesota Highway Freight Program second round results

MnDOT announced second round results for the Minnesota Highway Freight Program solicitation covering state fiscal years 2023-2025. MnDOT awarded $61 million to 13 construction projects that will improve freight mobility, safety and first and last mile connections across the state.

District Freight Plan updates

MnDOT is developing regional District Freight Plans for each area of the state to identify future freight needs that can be incorporated into future construction projects. As part of this effort, MnDOT has released the adopted versions of the District Freight Plans for northwest Minnesota in Districts 2, central Minnesota in District 3 and southwest Minnesota in District 8. In January, MnDOT will be kicking off efforts in west-central Minnesota in District 4 (west-central Minnesota), (southeast Minnesota) and in District 7 (south-central Minnesota).