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Special Provisions

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Special Provisions for all trunk highway construction projects

Special Provisions Boilerplates are used to prepare the Division S for trunk highways. The proposal order indicates the make-up of the complete bidding proposal. Please see Proposal Sequence below for links to other boilerplate divisions.

The Time and Traffic Provisions and IDIQ Specs have been incorporated into the Boilerplate SP2020 file.

The effective letting date for using the 2020 edition of the Minnesota Department of Transportation “Standard Specifications for Construction” and the SP2020 special provisions is January 27, 2022 per Tech Memo 21-02-TS-02.

Submit questions and comments about Special Provisions to specprov.dot@state.mn.us.

Special Provisions 2020 boilerplates

Special Provisions 2018 boilerplates

Special Provisions guidance

Proposal sequence

The proposal order indicates the make up of the complete bidding proposal.

Sequence Title When used
1 Title Sheet (No standard file – project specific) All
2 To the Commissioner of Transportation of the State of Minnesota (PDF) All
3 Notice to all Bidders – Bid Rigging (PDF) Federal
4 MnDOT Notice to Bidders: Suspension/Debarments (PDF) All
5 Federally Funded Construction Contracts – Special Provisions Division A - Labor (PDF) Federal
6 State Funded Only Construction Contracts – Special Provisions Division A - Labor (PDF) State
7 Notice to Bidders Traffic Control Prevailing Wage Coverage (PDF) Federal
8 Federal Wage Rates (Highway; Heavy; Building) Federal
9 State Wage Rates (Highway and Heavy; Commercial) All
10 Notice of Truck Rental Rate Certification and Effective Date (PDF) All
11 Notice to Bidders Work Under the Contract (PDF) All
12 Supplemental Specifications to the 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction, September 2022 (PDF) Starting with the January, February and March 2023 lettings
13 Division S All
NA Division SB If required
NA Division SL If required
NA Division SS If required
NA Division ST If required
NA Division SZ If required
NA Other Division Special Provisions If required
14 (1803) Project Schedules (PDF) All
15 (1910) Fuel Escalation Clause (PDF) All
16 Conversion Table for MnDOT Rolled Erosion Prevention Products (PDF) Use only with SP2018 if required
17 Blanding’s Turtles Fact Sheet (PDF) Use only with SP2018 if required
18 Blanding’s Turtle Flyer (PDF) Use only with SP2018 if required
19 Notification Form for Disposal of Bridge Steel (PDF) If required
20 Demolition Debris Recycling Form (PDF) If required
21 Schedule of Materials Control 2018 All 2018 projects
22 Schedule of Materials Control 2020 All 2020 projects
23 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Special Provisions (PDF) Federal
24 Targeted Group Business (TGB) and Veteran-Owned Small Business (VET) Special Provisions (PDF) State
25 Required Contract Provisions Federal-Aid Construction Contracts (FHWA-1273) (PDF)
26 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) State and Federal Laws, Policy and Rules (PDF)
27 Schedule of Prices - Notice to Bidders (PDF) All
28 Stipulation for Iron or Steel Materials (PDF) Federal
Use only with SP2018 if required
29 Proposal Sequence of Items (No Standard File - project specific) All
30 MnDOT Proposal Bond (PDF) All
31 Construction Plan (No standard file – project specific) All